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Originally from the Midwest of the USA (Indianapolis) - Anxin walked away from a life of stress, violence, and despair in the post NAFTA-GATT "rust belt" to better himself and change his life, and - never looked back. Since then, he has spent his entire adult life living and training with the greatest masters of martial arts and physical power, leadership, strategic thinking and meditation - throughout Asia.

Anxin's current mission is to impact 1,000,000 men world-wide in the next 5 years. He does this through his mailing list and Facebook Group, which you can now have instant access to and get his simple yet powerful Four Elements approach to self improvement and personal development.

Jon Anxin's Four Pillars Of Personal Development

Sharpen And Reshape Your Life


I envision a world where all people - even in highly developed areas - hold the power to transform, grow,  and experience concrete,  realistic rites of passage and create  opportunity for themselves and others to live as their highest and best selves.

I'm here to help you gain greater clarity of purpose, focus and direction which leads to wildly effective, quantifiable growth and transformation in your physical, social, business and spiritual life...

Programs With Jon Anxin

Master The Art Of Strategic Thinking And Mental Warfare

This is my Master Strategic Thinking training system. . .It’s a 9 hour, video only training system on the 3,000 year old Chinese Strategic paradigm or – The Art Of War.

In This Training Program, I’ll Walk You Through A Simple, Easy To Implement Set Of Blueprints and Best Practices That Have Been Used For Over 3,000 Years To Do One Thing:  WIN.

Master Meditation With The Kasina Meditation System

Unleash The Giant Within You


Discover how this breakthrough meditation system, developed by the one of the very few westerners ever to graduate from an elite monastic university in Myanmar (formerly Burma), will help you transform your life for the better in every area you desire  STARTING TODAY…

The Ancient Greeks Said That "Virtue Is 'Hitting The Mark'". Forget About Woo, Fantasy & Metaphysics And Uncover What REALLY Works To Improve Your Life With The Four Elements - Physical, Social, Mental And Post-Personal Power

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