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"Get your ideas in front of our platform.  Broaden your reach.  Build your brand.  Gain Social Proof..."

If you'd like to submit a guest post or become a regular contributing author (for the love of self improvement/personal development and to reach our audience with your ideas):

Just email jon@jonanxin.com . . . Generally, we'd like to see at least 1 or 2 guest posts from you before we put you on regular contributor status and give you an author account here at JonAnxin.com - that we can be more sure that we're providing the highest quality content for our readership.

Any guestposter or regular contributor can feel free to link back to their own work on self improvement or personal development.

Submitting the best possible post:

There are several things we're looking for, but useability and readability rank among the top.

  • Your article should be grammatically correct and should focus on one specific topic in great depth
  • Supplementary material for your text such as infographics, videos, charts, and graphics in general are awesome and improve the overall experience for our readers
  • We're looking for articles that are as "procedural" as possible. 6 steps to x. How to Y faster than you thought possible. You get the point. We want our readers to walk away from our content not only feeling like they've learned something useful, but have a gameplan they can follow
  • Generally, we're looking for text at between 1,000-2,000 words in length
  • If you're sending a guest post, please include a short bio with your website (if applicable). If becoming a regular contributor is a good fit, we'll set you up with an author account and you can set that up yourself, similar to what you see at the bottom of the posts on the blog
  • As soon as your post goes live - we'll email you and let you know so that you can promote the post to your audience as well, and gain more engagement and social proof

Types of material we don't want

In general, we're focused on self improvement for men, but that's a wide topic that we don't want to get myopic about.

However, there are a few topics that we generally don't cover:

  • "Pickup". . . Good relationship advice is ok, but we're not really interested in promoting sleight of mouth, "game" or anything along those lines
  • Fashion - Unless it's related to functionality, performance, or success in general.  Which designer belt best expresses your masculinity this season" - not so much
  • Your greazy hipster beard. Ok?
  • Untestable, unquantifiable, unreplicable personal development stuff. Look - You aren't going to tell us anything about blunts, powder and chakra stones we don't already know, but - we're more interested in the quant than the qual

If you're looking for backlinks -

We respect the game.

First - a commercial guest post will cost $100.

Here are a few additional guidelines in addition to the general guidelines for writers:

  • Commercial guest posts need to be SUPER high quality. That means at least 1,000-2,000 words in length, and most truly be informative and help our readership.
  • We give higher priority to posts that include step by step procedures, (original and unique to the post) infographics, charts and illustrations, etc. that enhance the user experience
  • Links to authority content are fine, but commercial links or links to your properties should be limited to no more than 2 per post

If you would like us to create a sponsored post about your company, product, service, etc. the same things listed above also apply, and it's also $100 for any commercial content.

Whether you want to write just to spread your great ideas, or your want to promote your product, service or site - just drop us a line at jon@jonanxin.com and we'll usually get back to you within a day or so.