How The Top 1% Of Successful People Think

(Note:  In this post I’m not talking about the top 1% of people with material wealth, as a lot of that is hereditary.  Instead, we’re talking about the top 1% of high achievers – people who think big, plan big, execute big and WIN big.)   The top 1% aren’t just working harder than the…

Learn How To Meditate Fast With These 3 Types Of Brainwave Entrainment

The human brain is an impressive organ. It’s responsible for your actions, thoughts and words. It controls everything in your body. It’s a core organ that’s too sensitive – Always needing rest when it’s overworked.   Sleeping is one of the best ways to make your brain rest. When you sleep, your brain cells regenerate….

8 Popular Guns For Home And Self Defense

“Being endowed with teeth and mounting horns, having claws in front and spurs in back, coming together when happy, fighting when angry, this is the way of Heaven, it cannot be stopped. Thus those that lack Heavenly weapons provide them themselves.” —Sun Bin’s Military Methods Note:  Living in Myanmar, I don’t have guns or access…