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Isochronic Tones

Instantly reach healthy, PEAK Delta, Beta, Alpha & Gamma brainwave states – EVERY TIME.

Dual Induction

Balance both hemispheres of the brain and perceive  reality more accurately.

Kasina Entrainment

ELIMINATE the #1 constraint that all meditators throughout history have faced.

Citta System

Automatically rebuild your MIND-BIOS archetypes from the ground up.

Introducing:  The Four Elements Kasina Meditation System - Engineered With Modern Meditators In Mind

  • Achieve laser-sharp focus

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  • Construct an impregnable fortress around yourself

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Jon Anxin

"The Four Elements Kasina System has now solved the BIGGEST problem every meditator - for thousands of years has faced in beginning or developing  their practice."

Jon Anxin

Unleash The Giant Within You

Discover how this breakthrough meditation system, developed by the one of the very few westerners ever to graduate from an elite monastic university in Myanmar (formerly Burma), will help you transform your life for the better in every area you desire  STARTING TODAY…

Countless scientific studies prove the awesome power of meditation and brainwave entrainment to transform virtually every aspect of your life…

  • 1

    Reduce your stress levels – vital in our highly stressed world.

  • 2

    Improve your concentration and power up your cognitive and creative abilities (making you even smarter!)

  • 3

    Increase your self-awareness, self esteem and confidence in any situation.

  • 4

    Enjoy a healthier body by protecting your cardiovascular organs, lower your blood pressure and strengthen your immune system.

  • 5

    Augment your happiness through zen-like acceptance of situations you face in everyday life.

What Is Kasina Meditation?

In Buddhism, kasiṇa refers to a class of basic visual objects of meditation. There are ten kasiṇa mentioned in the Pali Tipitaka:

  1. earth (paṭhavī kasiṇa),
  2. water (āpo kasiṇa),
  3. fire (tejo kasiṇa),
  4. air, wind (vāyo kasiṇa),
  5. blue, green (nīla kasiṇa),
  6. yellow (pīta kasiṇa),
  7. red (lohita kasiṇa),
  8. white (odāta kasiṇa),
  9. enclosed space, hole, aperture (ākāsa kasiṇa),
  10. consciousness (viññāṇa kasiṇa) in the Pali suttas and some other texts; bright light (āloka kasiṇa) according to later sources, such Buddhaghosa's Visuddhimagga.


The kasiṇa are typically described as a colored disk, with the particular color, properties, dimensions and medium often specified according to the type of kasiṇa.


The earth kasiṇa, for instance, is a disk in a red-brown color formed by spreading earth or clay (or another medium producing similar color and texture) on a screen of canvas or another backing material.


Kasiṇa meditation is a concentration meditation (variously known in different traditions as samatha, dhyana, or jhāna meditations), intended to settle the mind of the practitioner and create a foundation for further practices of meditation.


In the early stages of kasiṇa meditation, a physical object is used as the object of meditation, being focused upon by the practitioner until an eidetic image of the object forms in the practitioner's mind.


In more advanced levels of kasiṇa meditation, only a mental image of the kasiṇa is used as an object of meditation.


If you’ve tried to meditate before, then I’m sure you know the BIG problem stopping you from achieving all you want: it’s impossible to stop your mind from wondering.


And I’m sure you’ve heard this famous quote …

“Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear.”

That’s from Lao Tzu, the Chinese philosopher credited with founding the philosophical system of Taoism.


Kasina meditation achieves exactly what Lao Tzu described because it is a form of concentration meditation that settles the mind.


And The Four Elements Kasina Mediation System is so ultra-effective because it combines age-old techniques with 21st century cutting edge brain entrainment technologies.

For thousands of years, novice and expert meditators have all faced the same challenge -

Whether you've been practicing meditation for many years, or you're just getting started - the BIGGEST PROBLEM that all meditators face is the same:


During meditation practice, it's extremely difficult to keep your mind focused on the object of meditation.


The object could be anything, and different types and systems of meditation prescribe different objects - loving kindness, compassion, a candle flame, The Four Elements - etc.


As you're focusing your attention and concentration on the object of meditation, your mind begins to wander. . .


Thinking about that next bill you have to pay...


Mentally rehearsing some confrontation you know you're going to have...


Even worrying about what's for dinner!


These kinds of random thoughts and the inability to develop deep concentration prevent you from being able to make significant gains and REALLY BENEFIT from your meditation practice.


But - it's not your fault.  The same thing happens to everyone. . .


Which is why I'm now releasing The Four Elements Kasina Meditation System to the public.


The Kasina Meditation System - Is a radical meditation training protocol solves the problem that meditators like you have all had for thousands of years - That wandering mind which doesn't allow you to maintain focus and concentration on your object of meditation.


Whether it's the Earth, Water, Fire or Air Kasina - you won't be able to focus on anything besides that object as long as the protocol is turned on - even if you tried!


In addition to all of the other physical, social, and cognitive enhancing benefits of the Four Elements Kasina System - you'll develop laser-focus and achieve the highest states of absorbtion concentration in a fraction of the time it takes even the most serious full time meditators. . .

Here's what's "under the hood" of the Four Elements Kasina Meditation System:

Isochronic Tones

The intensity of the sound zooms directly from 0 to 100 and back again in an evenly-spaced manner. This leaves a stronger impression on the brain, compared to binaural beats or other methods that use wave-like pulses.

This makes isochronic tones perfect for our purpose.

Dual Induction Audio

Dual induction is a technique which presents a different set of recordings to each ear based on the idea that the left brain is logic-oriented while the right brain is more involved in creativity and emotion.

Dual induction audio entrainnment is a tool that helps the user bypass the analytical "monkey mind" and communicates directly with the subconscious.

The Kasina Visualization Protocol

The Kasina system is the core power driving the Four Elements Kasina Meditation System.  This high-resolution animation of the earth, water, fire and air kasinas locks-in your concentration, allowing you to develop meditative absorbtion faster than has been humanely possible for thousands of years.

The Citta Langauge System

The Four Elements Kasina protocols are built around the Citta System. Citta is from the ancient Indian language spoken by the Buddha and means ‘consciousness’.

For his thesis, Jon Anxin researched and carefully crafted a profound system of language that goes directly into your unconscious mind - rebuilding and repairing the BIOS level architecture.

The result is mediation on steroids, pressing the ‘reset’ button in your mind and reprogramming it to take your physical and mental powers to new levels while transforming your social and post-personal power, empowering you to exercise strong influence on the folks around you.

About Jon Anxin

buddhist-university“Jon Anxin is the best-selling translator and author of Thick Black Theory and Mastering The Four Elements.

Anxin is one of the only Westerners to be accepted to train and study in a Buddhist monastic university, where his studies focused on Pali language, Abhidhamma (Buddhist classification and study of consciousness) and Samatha & Vipassana meditation.

Why Four Elements?

The historical Buddha taught the four elements (catudhatu) as the basis for understanding suffering and self-liberation from suffering.

The earliest Buddhist texts explain that the four primary material elements are the sensory qualities solidity, fluidity, temperature and mobility.

The Buddha

"This, my body is material.  Made up from the four great elements.  Born of mother and father.  Fed on rice and gruel.  Impermanent.  Liable to  be injured and abraded, broken and destroyed.  And this is my consciousness - which is bound to it and dependent on it."

The Buddha
Thich Nhat Hanh

"Awareness is a mirror reflecting The Four Elements."

Thich Nhat Hanh
Pema Chodron

"It's said that when we die, the four elements - earth, air, fire and water - dissolve one by one, each into the other, and finally just dissolve into space. But while we're living, we share the energy that makes everything, from a blade of grass to an elephant, grow and live and then inevitably wear out and die. This energy, this life force, creates the whole world."

Pema Chodron, Author, Teacher, Buddhist Nun

"This mind isn't somewhere outside the material body of the four elements. "

Boddhidharma, Founder of Zen

The Buddha's teaching about the four elements can be understood as the basis of contemplation and observation in meditation.


Taking the four elements as objects of meditation not only allows you to understand phenomenological reality, but it is also a basis for understanding the nature of existence and consciousness itself.

Included In The Program:

The Earth Kasina Protocol - 25 minutes

The Water Kasina Protocol - 35 minutes

The Fire Kasina Protocol - 30 minutes

The Air Kasina Protocol - 35 minutes

A Look Inside Your Members Area

The program contains 4 core modules, each one fully covered in its own in-depth video.

  • The earth kasina protocol
  • The water kasina protocol
  • The fire kasina protocol
  • The air kasina protocol


You'll also discover four postures that can be held – each one matching the four kasina protocols - to assist the transformation and mudras by creating "anchors" to specific states - part of our revolutionary PSVE (Posture, Sound, Visualization, Energy) framework.


This is the system Jon Anxin developed while living at the monastic university which reprograms the mind to increase physical power, social power, mental power and post-personal power.


By now you’re probably wondering...

Will this work for you? 


No need to wonder, because I've arranged for you to prove it to yourself, backed by my cast-iron guarantee.


You see, it’s transformed the lives of people just like you beyond recognition, so we're quite confident it will perform the same miracle for you. But I want you to prove it to yourself beyond any doubt.


And what better way could there be for you to prove to your complete satisfaction the Kasina Meditation System is perfect for you than by enjoying a full 30 day test drive of the complete system?


30 days should be ample time for you to be delighted by the positive changes already taking place in every area of your life.


And, if at the end of 30 days, you don’t feel this program isn’t everything we've said – and more. And, if you don’t love every aspect of the program and feel this is exactly what you’ve been searching for, then all you need do is shoot us a short email, headed ‘Refund request’ and I'll be happy to return you full investment.


Ah yes… your investment.


We’ve already agreed this program is worth far more than most of the other programs out there, because of its unique approach.


If you were to fly out to Myanmar, to be personally trained in this groundbreaking meditation system you would have to invest $3,000 - plus nearly the same again in flight and accommodation costs.


But by putting this training into …


  • Four quick start videos to get you up to speed, lightening fast.
  • Four core videos, covering the four quadrants of earth, water, fire and air (watch on line or download).
  • AND a 20+ page quick start fully illustrated guide.


… You're getting the super-convenience of being able to soak up the training, one on one, at a pace and to a timetable that suits you perfectly.


You can also repeat sections that particularly interest you as often as you like – all in the comfort of your own home, sitting on your favorite couch, a cool drink at your side.


What’s more, you can forget the cost and inconvenience of flying half way round the world to receive your training.


And there’s also a good cost saving for us by doing it this way, so we're happy to pass that on to you.


So, instead of you having to invest $3,000 plus almost as much in air fares and accommodation,  I have a very special deal for you today.


But just before I reveal that, I'm so determined you will enjoy success beyond your wildest dreams with the Four Elements Kasina Meditation system, that I’ve gone the extra mile with these five Fast Action Taker Bonuses …