Learn How To Meditate Fast With These 3 Types Of Brainwave Entrainment

The human brain is an impressive organ. It’s responsible for your actions, thoughts and words. It controls everything in your body. It’s a core organ that’s too sensitive – Always needing rest when it’s overworked.


Sleeping is one of the best ways to make your brain rest. When you sleep, your brain cells regenerate. It replaces the cells that have been used up during the day. That is why a regular sleeping pattern is a must for everybody. Without proper sleep, the brain is deprived from properly replenishing used brain cells. When the brain malfunctions, you might have a lot of problems in your body. When this happens, you will need to undergo Brain Entrainment.


An Overview of Brain Entrainment


Brain Entrainment continues to rapidly grow in popularity. It’s used to treat various psychological problems and to help augment meditation practices. In the past, it was used to treat patients with insomnia and chronic stress.


Brainwave entrainment is a simple method of affecting your brainwave patterns to alter your mood, in an instant. When your brain is exposed to a particular stimuli (Sound for example), then your brainwave pattern matches that of the sound you just heard. In physics, entrainment is compared to the Frequency Follow Response. In short, your brainwave pattern only follows the frequency of the stimulus it’s exposed to.


It’s important to study about Brainwave Entrainment to fully understand how different situations and circumstances affect your emotions (mood). Most of the time, many people have misconceptions that the organ responsible for letting you feel different emotions is the heart. However, in reality, it’s the brain that does the job.


Types of Brain Entrainment


There are two major types of brain entrainment today. One is auditory entrainment, and the other one is visual entrainment. It’s important to know the difference between these two for you to better understand the whole process of brain entrainment.


Here’s a brief overview on the different types of entrainment:


  1. Auditory-based Brain Entrainment


This is the most common type of brain entrainment today. Many people are more familiar with sound-oriented (auditory) entrainment because it does not require you to use special tools and equipment. You only need to use your ears in order to stimulate your brain.


There are several kinds of Auditory-based brain entrainment, and the most popular among them is known as Binaural Beats. When using binaural beats, you will need to put on headphones. This method of brain entrainment allows your brain to interpret the difference between two unmatched frequencies played together, but not beyond 30 Hz.


Another kind of Auditory-based brain entrainment is called Isochronic Tones. Although this is a less famous type, it’s still effective in entraining your brainwaves. This kind of entrainment uses a single tone with a pulsation effect. The good thing about Isochronic Tones is that it allows you to entrain each brain hemisphere using different tones in each ear.


There’s also this thing called Monaural Beats. This is very similar to Binaural Beats, but this method makes use of 2 different headphones or speakers. This is actually more effective in entraining the brain compared to Binaural Beats.


Another kind of auditory-based brainwave entrainment is known as Pitch Panning. When using this method, you don’t need to hear sounds coming from two different sources. You may even use speakers for this method, which makes it really similar to binaural beats.


This method makes use of pitch to alter the brainwave pattern of an individual. One sound is played through the headphones, and the pitch is alternately turned up and down. This causes a slight difference in the pitch heard in each ear.


  1. Visual-based Brain Entrainment


This is another type of brainwave entrainment method wherein it uses visual aids to create a reaction from the brain. However, you need to have special tools when using this method of brainwave entrainment. The most commonly used tools are glasses and goggles. This method is most commonly known as Photic Stimulation.


In photic stimulation, visual aids are often combined with auditory-based entrainment methods. There’s a part of your brain that is specifically assigned for visual processing. This type of entrainment can yield results in a matter of seconds – A timeframe that’s a whole lot faster compared to using any other brainwave entrainment method.


  1. Electromagnetic Brainwave Entrainment


This type of brainwave entrainment is only done by professionals, with the aid of advanced equipment. You can often see this method being used in big hospitals and is run by neurologists. It makes use of electromagnetic fields to create a certain brainwave pattern. This can be quite dangerous if done poorly.


Electromagnetic Brainwave entrainment isn’t as popular as the other methods mentioned earlier. That’s because it involves risky procedures. Once the electromagnetic fields stimulate the wrong regions of your brain, something could seriously get damaged. Although it may be the best brainwave entrainment method today, it’s not advisable to do it, unless there’s no other way to entrain your brainwaves. This method should only be the last resort, not the first option.


Depending on the method used, you can do brainwave entrainment (except for the last method mentioned above) on your own.


Different Types of Brain Waves

Now that you already have an idea what brainwave entrainment is, it’s good to also learn the different type of brainwaves. This will help you understand the various results of brainwave entrainment.


Alpha brain waves are one of the most common brain waves people know of. This type of brain wave is a result of your wandering thoughts. This type of brain wave is characterized as relaxed and calm. This happens when you are not focused and just thinking of random stuff.


However, you might also generate alpha brain waves when you’re busy with your daily routine. These tasks can involve watering plants, gardening, taking a shower, washing the dishes and the like.


Alpha waves are often considered as the link between the conscious and the subconscious mind. When your brain is in Alpha state, you tend to be relaxed or absent-minded, and you also tend to daydream a lot. It’s actually a stress-free state. Also, during the Alpha state, it’s said that it helps you remember a lot of things effortlessly.


Since alpha waves are low frequency waves, it will only be possible to achieve Alpha state thru brainwave entrainment using 7 Hz – 14 Hz sound. If the sound frequency goes beyond this, you will be able to achieve another type of brainwave pattern.


Beta brain waves are the most popular type of brain waves. It’s the default state of your brain. When you’re mentally active, that’s the time your brain produces Beta waves. This type of brain wave is associated with the left hemisphere of your brain. It’s a result of doing rational and logical thinking.


When you’re in Beta state, you’ll be totally alert and wide awake. This can help you focus more on your daily tasks. It also enables you to be alert during the day, when you most need it. However, being in Beta state might also cause uneasiness, anxieties and fear.


When there’s an increase in the intensity of Beta wave activity, you would most likely become disoriented, and your brain wave pattern might become less synchronized. As a result, you can end up feeling frustrated or even mad.


Another type of brain wave is known as Theta Brain Waves. This type of brain wave pattern has been known for centuries. It’s characterized by a feeling of deep relaxation – The type that’s needed for meditation purposes. When you’re in Theta state, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping even if you’re wide awake. This state lets you travel within your innermost thoughts without a problem.


When your brain is in Theta state, you are very capable of falling under hypnosis. Both hemispheres of your brain will be functioning in the most synchronized way in this state. Hence, you will achieve inner peace and increased inspiration.


Theta brain waves can also bring some health benefits. It’s proven to reduce mental fatigue and efficiently manage stress. It also helps release hormones that are beneficial to your health.


There’s another type of brain wave that you must know, and they go by the name of Gamma Brain Waves.  This is probably the most powerful type of brain wave that your brain can generate. When you’re in Gamma state, you’ll be able to process a lot of things in a limited timeframe. The brains of many well-known geniuses are said to produce a lot of Gamma waves.


When using Binaural beats to entrain your brainwaves, you need to get a difference of at least 40 Hz to achieve this state. Gamma waves are associated with high levels of intelligence, good sense of self-control and increased awareness. Also, when in Gamma state, you’ll be able to experience natural happiness without putting too much effort in doing it.


These are the things you need to learn about brainwave entrainment. You can try doing some experiments using the simpler methods of entraining your brainwaves as explained earlier.


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