Mastering The Four Elements

If you want to transform your life for the better - then this is for YOU.

Discover How To Harness These FOUR KEYS To Unleash Your Potential In All Areas Of Your Life


Read on to see how one of the few westerners ever accepted into an elite monastic university in Myanmar (formerly Burma) will take you by the hand and lead you along the path to success STARTING TODAY …

“To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.”

Bruce Lee
Legendary Martial Artist
Mahatma Gandhi

“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problem.”

Mahatma Gandhi
Social Revolutionary

“One’s only rival is one’s own potentialities. One’s only failure is failing to live up to one’s own possibilities.”

Abraham Maslow
Renowned Developmental Psychologist
H.H. The Dalai Lama

"With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world. Dalai Lama"

H.H. The Dalai Lama
Spiritual Royalty

Dear Fellow Truth Seeker … imagine becoming a stronger person, attracting powerful allies and awesome people to your side.


And picture yourself being able to slice through difficulties like a hot knife through butter, solving the most complex problems with ease.


And visualize yourself finally rising up to enjoy the ultimate goal of self-awakening – what Abraham Maslow, in his famous Hierarchy of Needs, describes as ‘self-actualization’.


Sound like a stretch?

I thought so too - until it happened to me

Hi … my name is Jon Anxin and – although originally from Indianapolis, USA  – I now live in Myanmar with my beautiful wife and daughter. I own several thriving businesses and life is very sweet.


But rewind 20 years, when I was working in my local prosecutor’s office for peanuts and growing more suicidal by the minute, and my life then could not be a greater contrast to the wonderful life I now enjoy.


And I owe this dramatic transformation in my fortunes and outlook to having mastered the four elements.


Although a simple idea, it has remained hidden for many thousands of years until re-discovered and given new life by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 work, ‘Hierarchy of Needs’.


Later, the concept was further expanded by Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson, but …

There was still a vital part missing

Because there has never been a coherent practical plan that pulled all these various teachings together into one practical step by step plan.


Until now …

Because I’ve now deployed my own Secret Weapon

Because over the 20 years I’ve lived and studied in the Far East, I’ve developed quite a reputation as a translator of ancient works.


For example, my latest best-selling book, ‘Thick Black Theory’, was translated by me from the Chinese into English.


In fact, I have an award from the Chinese government for my services to translation.


And now I’ve taken my existing hands-on experience of the four elements that empowered me to transform my life beyond recognition and enriched it with translations from various esoteric works to produce what I firmly believe is the best expose of how YOU can harness the power of the four elements to take YOUR life to new and hitherto unimagined heights.


Because there has never been a coherent practical plan that pulled all these various teachings together into one practical step by step plan.


Until now …

And here is a just a tiny sample of the breathtaking revelations I have in store for you in ‘Mastering The Four Elements’

  • The ‘ground up’ approach to self improvement and personal power (drawn from secrets hidden deep in the Taj Mahal and other ancient buildings)
  • The secret to focusing on the real leverage points to create awesome personal success.
  • The Way Of The Warrior – and why warriorship and physical power are a vital part of the mix.
  • The key secret to developing natural leadership ability. Once you’ve taken this step it all becomes easier.
  • The twin attributes present in all great leaders – and how you can develop them too.
  • How to achieve ‘Coup d’oeil’.
  • The one, single-syllable word that defines the Way Of The Warrior (it’s probably not what you think).
  • The four-part model I use to teach ‘The Four Elements’ at deeper levels.
  • Why ‘baby-boomer philosophy’ is incompatible with becoming a Warrior.
  • The starting point for all personal development (and it has two facets).
  • The FATAL mistake of acting on first impressions – because it could lead to irreversible damage (yet there’s a simple solution).
  • The only way to win a fight.
  • Your top priority as a leader (and the second thing you need to do).
  • Why the world is becoming a tougher place – and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.
  • Creating a vision of your perfect future – and why it’s a vital part of actually achieving it.
  • How to reprogram yourself for success.
  • The secrets of charismatic leadership – and how to deploy them for maximum results.
  • The four areas a successful person must pay attention to (ignore just one at your peril).
  • The one key possibility you must always allow for.
  • How the wars fought in China over millennia have spawned a wealth of strategic knowledge - useful not only in warfare, but also in business, dealing with human behavior and personal living.
  • The big problem with a ‘defense only’ strategy.
  • The striking similarities between Buddhism and Greek philosophy.

And, much, MUCH more …

You might possibly be thinking this

You’re smart enough to see how following the path I have blazed with the four elements will empower you to live the life you dream of.


But you’re probably worried that such a simple, yet life-changing, program like this will require an investment the size of a king’s ransom.


You’re quite correct – a program like this would normally carry an eye-watering price tag.


I’ve had my program appraised by a marketing expert, who valued it at $97.00 for the hard bound version and for the very good reason it’s based on the exact steps I took to transform my life into the golden one I now live.


But I have a very special deal for you today.


So if you go ahead now, you can get access to the full program in either:


  • [Paperback format] saving production costs of $70.00, making your investment today just $27.


  • [Kindle format] with an even bigger costs saving I’m happy to pass on to you, making your investment just $3.99!

Here's what other people are saying

Mark Joyner

“This book is the real deal: a beautiful synthesis of Eastern and Western philosophies, grounded in stark realism and brass-tacks pragmatism. Jon does not offer an easy path … but his insights could greatly accelerate your progress on the always-challenging path to true self-mastery. Take the greatest philosophies of the ages, battle-test them in the real crucible of life, and what is left is found in these pages.”

Mark Joyner Founder and CEO of Simpleology and author of 5 #1 best-selling books in print in 25 languages.
Dr. Omar Al Bardan

“Simply put: ‘Distilled Eastern wisdom delivered by a creative and pragmatic western mind.’. Jon breaks down Eastern fighting, leadership, strategy & meditation into an easy to understand and simple to apply way with a modern, Western way of thinking.

Althought I have been practicing martial arts for more than 15 years, the 2nd chapter was an eye-opener to me, not to mention the last chapter – which I wish I had read long before.

I encourage businessmen to check his views on strategy to give you an additional edge for your arsenal.”

Dr. Omar Al Bardan Bsc., MBA, PMP
Kelvin Templeton-Jones

“A brilliantly woven tapestry of existential and contemporary thoughts that is like a starting pistol for the success that you deserve.”

Kelvin Templeton-Jones Author, UK
Matt Kimball

“This book puts together so many things no one else is putting together .

I have studied many of the same books that are referenced in this book , yet I could not connect the internal and external applications to good use as this man has.

If you are ready to put attention to your training and become more aware and understand more, use this book.  Thank you Jon”

Matt Kimball Artist, New Jersey

And, I could show you what dozens of other successful INDIVIDUALS are saying, but -

Let me show you what the entire self-improvement and personal development community said the day I secretly launched MT4E:

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Now, I want to let you in on my secret weapon for success, too. . .

You now have a crystal clear choice

You can either carry on as before frustrated because your life isn’t the one you really want.


OR …


You can be smart and avoid wasting even one more exasperating minute in your search for that better life for you and your loved ones.


Because, once you have my book, you’ll enjoy a feeling of immense calm as you realise that – finally – your search for that better life is over, because you have in your hands the key to the golden life you seek.


After all, these secrets and wisdom transformed MY life , so why not YOU too?



P.S. In her book called, ‘Five Regrets Of The Dying’, Australian nurse, Bonnie Ware, reports that the main regret of the terminally ill patients she nursed was their failure to take advantage of the opportunities they were presented with, because they often wondered afterwards:


What if, I’d had the courage to seize that opportunity.  How different would my life have been?”


But, if you go ahead right now, then YOU will never have to wonder … ”What if?”


Yes Jon, I don't want to wonder "what if"...

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