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Mark Joyner

This book [Mastering The Four Elements] is the real deal: a beautiful synthesis of Eastern and Western philosophies, grounded in stark realism and brass-tacks pragmatism.

Jon does not offer an easy path … but his insights could greatly accelerate your progress on the always-challenging path to true self-mastery.

Take the greatest philosophies of the ages, battle-test them in the real crucible of life, and what is left is found in these pages.

Mark Joyner Founder and CEO of Simpleology and author of 5 #1 best-selling books in print in 25 languages.
Dr. Omar Al Bardan

“Simply put: ‘Distilled Eastern wisdom delivered by a creative and pragmatic western mind.’. Jon breaks down Eastern fighting, leadership, strategy & meditation into an easy to understand and simple to apply way with a modern, Western way of thinking.

Althought I have been practicing martial arts for more than 15 years, the 2nd chapter was an eye-opener to me, not to mention the last chapter – which I wish I had read long before.

I encourage businessmen to check his views on strategy to give you an additional edge for your arsenal.”

Dr. Omar Al Bardan Bsc., MBA, PMP
Matt Kimball

“This book [Mastering The Four Elements] puts together so many things no one else is putting together .

I have studied many of the same books that are referenced in this book , yet I could not connect the internal and external applications to good use as this man has.

If you are ready to put attention to your training and become more aware and understand more, use this book.  Thank you Jon”

Matt Kimball Artist, New Jersey
Phil Settels

Thick Black Theory is a unique work on the cultivation of power and effectiveness. Its frank, amoral language conveys that it is a neutral tool. It is not a vector; it has force, but no direction.

The strengths of Jon Anxin’s translation of “Thick Black Theory” are that it is honest, without resorting to sugar-coating in order to please (i.e. Thick Face), and that it exists within the context of all his other work. It answers questions, and brings up others, and these Jon addresses in his larger body of free material on his site. While the amoral nature of Thick Black may be unfavorable to some readers, the message rings absolutely true, and comfort can be had in the fact that Jon Anxin elsewhere teaches about power in the context of morality.

I highly recommend this book. It was and remains an important work, and Jon Anxin provides the context and instruction for its positive application. Look into him, you won’t regret it.”

Phil Settels
John Thomas

“I had heard about “Thick Black Theory” from another success book that I respect (“Thick Face, Black Heart“), so I had immediate curiosity when I heard about it.

Nothing quite prepared me for the succinct communication of Thick Black Theory, the immediate applicability, and, as I thought about it more and more, the practicality as I thought back and saw it in use over and over and over in history and in my past interactions with other people.

This is simply one of the works that any educated person should be reading to understand the way individual interactions play out and societies work. Simply brilliant.”

John Thomas
Kelvin Templeton Jones

“I am already seeing significant gains in my personal and professional life. I believe the seeds for this energy were planted and fed by Jon Anxin’s wisdom and teachings – You need this in your life…

Kelvin Templeton Jones

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