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Become A Master Of Winning From The Battlefield... To The Boardroom... To The Bedroom...

If you want to achieve more of your personal, financial or business goals and if you want to win more and loose less I’ve got a brain-dead simple choice for you to make right now...

jon-anxinDate:  2016

From:  Jon Anxin

Subject:  You, Mastering Your Mission..




I know you have big dreams and big goals for yourself, just like me.

And just like me,  I also know that on some level, you have an urgent sense of your own mission in life - That thing that would be the highest and best use of your time and, would make you happiest – if you could only find a way to follow that mission AND get all the personal and financial success you really want.

The problem is, if you don’t roll up your sleeves and make a change in order to start achieving your goals and REALLY mastering your mission, RIGHT NOW,  you’re going too remain in that sort of “quiet life of desperation” that we all secretly fear so much…

Being one of “them”. Living your life like a mindless machine, and watching with envy those who thrive and are truly ALIVE.

You don’t want that for yourself, I know…

I Want You To Scare The Crap Out Of Yourself, Get Motivated…
And Use Your Brain As Your Best Weapon To Achieve,

Imagine that sense of personal failure...

Every day you’re going to wake up dreading the day to come and hating the life you lead…

Taking orders from people who are lazier, less intelligent, and less creative than you…

Being some kind of pathetic loser that your significant other’s family hates and your own relatives feel sorry for…

Going to bed physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE….

In a few years the 100+ pounds of extra fat around your mid-section will make even keeping up with this miserable life harder than it already is.

Morons in control of your life.  A spouse and kids screaming at you and not-so-secretly loathing your very existence…

And feeling hopeless.

Knowing you have no real way out.  No roadmap to a better place.  No savior coming to rescue you…

Can you see it…?

If not, stop and think about the current trajectory of your life:  Is it moving in the direction that you REALLY want it to be?  If not – what’s going to happen if you stay on this same course?  In 6 months?  In a year?  In 5 years…?

If You Follow The Simple Blueprint For Success…
That’s Been Tested For 3,000 Years -
I GUARANTEE You An Exodus… An Escape From Misery To Freedom And Prosperity…

I’m Jon Anxin – Translator a best selling author of Thick Black Theory, and Mastering The Four Elements, and more and I’m here to make you a very simple, very important offer.

Over the past decade, I’ve done more deep research, and have translated more previously unknown texts on strategy and The Art Of War than anyone else.  Not only that – I’ve effectively implemented and integrated these strategic models and have created a life where I do exactly and only what I REALLY WANT, and – I’ve helped thousands of people do the same.

The Truth Is…
Less Than 1% Of People In The World Understand How To Leverage These Strategies…
To Their Advantage Or Against Their Enemies

And the reason why is simple:

Nearly everyone is aware of Sun Zi Bingfa (aka The Art Of War By Sun Tzu). Many people have read it. The big problem for most normal people is that it’s simply too cryptic, and difficult to understand. But that’s not your fault.

I’m going to break the art of strategic thinking and mental warfare down into a very easy to understand, and – more importantly – EASY TO USE program and set of blueprints that you can implement to begin transforming your life into the life that you really want – right now. .

Here's What It Looks Like

This is my Master Strategic Thinking training system. . .

It’s a 9 hour, video only training system on the 3,000 year old Chinese Strategic paradigm or – The Art Of War.

In This Training Program,
I’ll Walk You Through A Simple, Easy To Implement Set Of Blueprints and Best Practices
That Have Been Used For Over 3,000 Years To Do One Thing:  WIN.

What’s more – it’s been tested under the harshest life or death conditions, the deepest intrigues and the most un-winnable odds and – it’s proven itself time and time again, for 3,000 years as the highest and best set of standard operating procedures for success.

In contrast – Modern management theory and most modern personal development thought is only a measly 40 years old – and more often than not results in failure, not success.

Which would you rather take your chance on?

  1. A proven system with a 3,000 year old track record of success
  2. A 40 year old theory that fails more often than it succeeds
  3. Facing the harsh, modern competitive battlefield on your own with no real, tested blueprints or strategy at all

For an intelligent person – the choice is clear:

You Go With What Is Proven To Win.
You Model Success.
And That’s Exactly What My Lost Arts Of War Training Program Is Going To Help You Do –

You’re getting over 9 hours of high quality video training on the 360 degree Chinese Strategic Paradigm.

This video is in the form of some live video (short here in Myanmar, where I live), and mostly Mindmap presentations.

I always like build my presentations out with mindmaps, because the structure mirrors your own neurology, and it makes it MUCH FASTER AND EASIER TO LEARN.

I’ll also include my PDF's of other books of mine related to strategy, and bonuses on The Dhamma Of Strategy, Radical Time Management And Productivity, and more!

Inside you’ll get my unique experience and perspective on winning with 9+ Hours of High Definition Video Training from past masters like Li Zongwu, Sun Tzu, Sun Bin, Zhuge Liang, Wu Qi, Wei Liao Zi,  Master Yellow Stone, Jang Ziya, Sima Yi, the 36 Stratagems, etc.

You’re Getting A Complete Customized Breakdown
Of The Highest Levels Of Strategy …
Specifically Tailored For Your Life And Your REAL Goals!

You’ll Discover And Master:

  • The Way Of Leadership & Command – Learn the secret traits that all “natural” leaders possess, and how to develop them in yourself
  • Understanding Climate & Terrain – Knowing both the “lay of the land” and being able to understand and respond to change is a critical factor for your success, and as you go through the coaching you’ll hone your natural abilities to do just that
  • Training Of Your People – Success is determined by a few things – Strategic advantage, timing, and proper training. Without the proper training for both you and the people around you, success becomes more and more elusive and failure more and more sure
  • Discipline - Master the art of rewards and punishment – a key skillset in motivating and leading others
  • Comprehensive planning  - To reach any goal that necessitates a multi-step process, planning must be done. The focus is not whether to plan or not to plan. Rather, the focus is how detailed the planning is. Also, it is recognized that comprehensive planning is as much an art as a science
  • Formulation Of Goals And Strategies – How to create your strategic blueprint for maximum leverage and strategic advantage – no matter what your goals may be
  • Determining If There Is A High Probability Of Victory – Look, you don’t want to waste your time building strategic advantage and creating leverage for a no-win situation. This section will help you know instantly that something is right for you and worth your time and effort
  • Evaluation Of Strategies – How to test your strategic blueprints and plans before “going live” so that you waste as little time and effort as possible. When evaluating strategy there are 3 important questions you MUST be able to answer “Yes!” to: Do your goals represent net positive gains? Are you goals achievable? Are your goals prioritized?
  • Value of Information – Comprehensive plans cannot be made on the basis of intuition, gut feeling or calculated guesses. It must be based on intelligence—based on direct knowledge
  • Choice of battleground – In military combat, one of the important factors is the choice of battleground. This same logic applies to business and individual competition. Choosing the right battleground will allow you to draw on your strengths and camouflage your weaknesses.
  • Implementation Of Strategies – How to begin executing effectively towards success and victory – RIGHT NOW
  • The 4 Areas A Successful Person MUST Pay Attention To – Selection of strategic targets, the ability to create strategic advantage, the ability to fit the strategy to the situation, and a sense of strategic timing
  • Concentration Of Force – The economy of force means finding the way to concentrate your “many” against the enemies “few”
  • Attack & Defense – When confrontation in unavoidable even the best defense can only lead to not losing. When it comes to head to head competition, the ONLY way to win is to attack and you’ll learn the best ways to do it
  • Speed of execution – Once a comprehensive plan is created based on information gathered from intelligence and the battleground has been chosen, it is important to swiftly execute the plan. Speed of implementation includes aspects of timing, momentum and pacing
  • Adaptability  - This speed in execution however does not mean just charging blindly forward. You must collect feedback and change according to dynamic circumstances
  • Creating strategic advantage through deception - In war, the creation of strategic advantage is very important. If nothing else, you should be aware of deception so you can guard against it
  • Orthodox & Unorthodox – In battle, there are only two forces—the orthodox and the unorthodox. There is a yin-yang principle involved in the use of these forces that you must not only understand but be able to execute upon as the need arises in order to get the success you really want
  • Contingency Plans - Things rarely turn out “according to plan”. It’s generally a good practice to allow some margin for error and in order to “not lose” you have to develop strong, effective contingency plans
  • Strategic Controls – How to measure your success and know where, why and how you need to re-calibrate your strategies

And much more (9 hours of “more”!)…

Here’s Why This Is A ”No-Brainer”…

I’ve priced my Master Strategic Thinking program to be the best choice you could make.

Not only am I giving you all the video training (plus more to come later . . My existing customers know this – I ALWAYS come back with hours and hours of new material a month or so down the line), and the PDF versions of most of the texts, and not only have I already done all the hard work in the form of many years of research for you -

I’m also reducing any other choice to ridiculousness.  Take a look at everything you're getting inside:

30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee With The Master Strategic Thinking Coaching Program
Jiya's Tai Gong Six Secret Teachings
The 3 Strategies Of Master Yellow Stone
The Sima Fa
The Wei Liao Zi
The Art Of War By Sun Tzu
Q&A Between Tang And Li
The Jon Anxin Art Of War
The Thirty Six Stratagems
The Tai Pai Yin Jing
The Sun Bin Art Of War
Zhuge Liang's Mastering The Art Of War
The Tao Of The Military
The Tao Of War
and much, MUCH more. . .

Art Of War Ebooks

$97 Value

Get It All For Only $77!
  • Jiya's Tai Gong Six Secret Teachings
  • The 3 Strategies Of Master Yellow Stone
  • The Sima Fa
  • The Wei Liao Zi
  • The Art Of War By Sun Tzu
  • Q&A Between Tang And Li
  • The Jon Anxin Art Of War
  • The Thirty Six Stratagems
  • The Tai Pai Yin Jing
  • The Sun Bin Art Of War
  • Zhuge Liang's Mastering The Art Of War
  • The Tao Of The Military
  • The Tao Of War
  • and much, MUCH more. . .

Art Of War AudioBooks

$227 Value

Get It All For Only $77!
  • Jiya's Tai Gong Six Secret Teachings
  • The 3 Strategies Of Master Yellow Stone
  • The Sima Fa
  • The Wei Liao Zi
  • The Art Of War By Sun Tzu
  • Q&A Between Tang And Li
  • The Jon Anxin Art Of War
  • The Thirty Six Stratagems
  • The Tai Pai Yin Jing
  • The Sun Bin Art Of War
  • Zhuge Liang's Mastering The Art Of War
  • The Tao Of The Military
  • The Tao Of War
  • and much, MUCH more. . .

And The Best Part About This Is
You Have A New Blueprint For Success
That You Can Use In Your Personal Life, Financial Life, And Every Area Of Your Life…

See, if you haven’t succeeded until this point, it’s really simple – You didn’t have a system.  Now you have a system – that’s been proven to work, tens of thousands of times for more than 3,000 years.

To be frank, you’re screwed now…

You have no excuse to fail.  If you fail now – shame on you.

I’m giving you a system, a blueprint, and all the expert coaching you need to take action and get the life you really want, FAST.

And anyone can use this system.  Anyone.  And it applies to everything.  Your financial life.  Your social life.  Your romantic life.  Your business… – EVERYTHING.

Think about Warren Buffet…

The single most important skill in the life of Warren Buffet is not analyzing stock charts.  That’s great too.  But Warren Buffet is a Master Of Strategy.

He buys companies when other people can’t buy them.  He gets people to work for free.  He does everything, because he’s a Master Of Strategy.

Now, you can have immediate access to every tool you need to be a Master Of Strategy available to you at the click of a button…

That’s my gift to you, and I want to thank you for reading this far…  I know you’re going to get a lot of value from the program.

So that’s it – Congratulations!  You’re ready to begin with The Lost Arts Of War coaching so that you can begin to Master Your Mission right now.

And as you’re achieving the success that you really want, I want you to remember one very important point:

That there’ll be some people out there in the world – maybe some people that are very close to you that… It’s not that they don’t want you to succeed but it’s almost that – they’re scared of your succeeding…

I call these people the “Dream Stompers”, and these are the people that stomp on your hopes and your dreams for a better life.

They’re the naysayers, the doubting Thomas’s, the people who will say “Oh, that won’t work”, etc…

And let me just tell you something from personal experience:  

There’s only one way to deal with dream stompers.  Get Them Out Of Your Life.  I want you to loose their phone numbers – at least for 90 days, and if it just so happens that someone very close to you is a dream stomper – I want you to ask them to hold off on the dream stomping – not forever, but… To give you at least 30 days of no dream stomping. To support you in mastering your mission for the first month.

This is important because Mastering Strategy is a snowball effect.  You put one piece of the puzzle into place, and then you put another and another into place and – all of a sudden you’ve got that downward momentum, rolling downhill like a snowball and it just explodes into an avalanche of personal success.

And anything you’ve been working on or wanting or hoping to achieve, any vision you’ve been trying to fulfill and having trouble with… You’re going to find that you’re going to have great, great ease in doing it successfully.

So the most important thing right now is that you continue to grow and to use this 3,000 year old system for winning to actually take you to a whole different level of personal, financial, business and social success.

To allow yourself to achieve and accomplish things that you never thought you were capable of…

Most importantly,  I want you to take action today.  You know enough just from learning and beginning to apply the Sun Tzu Simplified system to become very successful in your life.

However, there are higher levels and I want you to get the Lost Arts Of War Coaching Program today and use this as a tool for you to take your life to the next level of freedom and independence, and take your financial life and your personal life to a whole new level.

Get The Lost Arts Of War Coaching RIGHT NOW -
If You Think Your Time Was Wasted, Let Me Know And I’ll IMMEDIATELY Refund Your Investment, Let You Keep The Training Material
AND Build Your Strategic Blueprint With You…

Seriously – There’s no way this training won’t work for you and help you get the success and freedom you deserve – if you put it to use, and that’s why I’m so confident that I’LL GIVE YOU THE TRAINING AND a live CONSULTATION VIA SKYPE to help you with your own strategic plan if you think you wasted your time in studying my strategic training and building your blueprint to Master Your Mission with Mastering The Art Of Strategic Thinking.

So think about it this way:

The worst that can happen is you get the entire system plus the consultation for free for “wasting” your time learning about a simple formulaic process that’s responsible for most of my success, and most of the success created across the world, throughout history.

But the best that can happen is you decide to implement and deploy my strategies and tactics in your own life … And see exponential benefits as a direct result.

Either way, you’re coming out on top so it’s literally impossible to go wrong.


Here's What To Do Next

If you would like to get started then it would be my pleasure to help. . .

Here’s how the process works:

First, you’ll need to place your order.  Don’t worry. It’s simple and unobtrusive.  It’s also not really expensive, relative to the value I’m guaranteeing you.  I’m just using it as a “filter” to keep time-vampires at bay.

Here’s what will happen after that:

You’ll immediately go to the membership page to access the entire training program and begin architecting and mastering your own success with this 3,000 year old, tested and PROVEN system plus my expert teaching. . .

And if you don’t feel like it will work for you, or think you can’t do it – or don’t even like the sound of my voice or the fonts I use – I’ll refund your money immediately.

So,  you literally can’t lose.

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P.S. - I want you to keep strategic power close to your heart.  I want you to take the Lost Arts Of War and use it for everything it’s worth and to be ethical, have integrity with it, and believe me – you’re life’s gonna soar.


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