[Video] The Art Of War – Sun Tzu Simplified


In this video, we’ll walk you through a simplified, birds-eye view process for understanding strategic thinking and The Art Of War.


This is the first training in a weekly series which I’ll be publishing.


Here’s a list of the video training you can expect to see each week in 2017 here at JonAnxin.com:

  1. Sun Tzu Simplified
  2. The Art Of War – Relevance Today
  3. Common Themes In Different Arts Of War
  4. Wang Cheng’s Tao Of War (Overview)
  5. Jiang Ziya’s Tai Gong Six Secret Teachings (Overview)
  6. The SIma Fa (Overview)
  7. Sun Bin’s Military Methods (Overview)
  8. The Wu Qi (Overview)
  9. The Wei Liao Zi (Overview)
  10. The 3 Strategies Of Huang Shi Gong (Overview)
  11. Questions And Answers Between Tang And Li (Overview)
  12. The Jon Anxin Art Of War
  13. The 36 Stratagems
  14. The Sima Fa
  15. Military Methods Of Sun Bin
  16. The Tai Gong Six Secret Teachings
  17. The Tai Pai Yin Jing
  18. The Tao Of War
  19. The Wei Liao Zi
  20. The Wu Qi
  21. Zhuge Liang
  22. The Mental Power Quadrant
  23. The Four Elements – PCVP
  24. Master The Art Of Natural Strategic Thinking
  25. The Process Of Strategic Insight
  26. Right Impact
  27. Execution


Overview Of This Training On The Art Of War And Strategic Thinking


Here’s the information which we cover in this training video:



The Mission

Environmental Analysis

  • Internal
  • External


  • Goals
  • Strategies
  • Program


Feedback And Controls

  • Measuring results
  • Diagnosing results
  • Making Corrections



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