[Video] Common Themes In Different Versions Of The Art Of War

In this video we’ll continue our series on mastering strategic thinking, and cover what all of the various arts of war, from Sun Tzu, to Sun Bin to  Jiang Ziya and many more have in common before we begin exploring each individual classic text on the art of war.


Video Notes:


  • Worthy ruler and leaders
    • The traits of a worthy ruler
    • The method of promoting worthy leaders
    • The importance of worthy leaders and their good and bad traits
  • The relationship between leaders and their people
    • The importance of sharing wealth with the people
    • The importance of a worthy ruler to the welfare of the state
    • The relationship between leaders and their men
    • The importance of training and selection of men
  • Tao and harmony
    • The importance of Tao and harmony
  • Strategy is evolving and continuous
    • The use of strategic power
    • The use of orthodox and unorthodox
    • The importance of deception
    • The use of spies
    • The importance and role of planning
    • Strategy is evolving and continuous
  • Motivation
    • The equity of rewards and punishment regardless of level
    • The importance of righteousness
    • The concept of qi
    • The concept of the strategic balance of power
    • Mutual responsibility and team building



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