[Video] The Four Elements Main Model Of Leadership


In this shorter video, we’ll give you a chunked-up, bird’s eye view of our main model of leadership, which is a little bit more indepth than in the introduction.


This material on ontological leadership, or leadership as a way of being is going to slowly build up over the coming weeks throughout the year and if you really want to “get” the natural leadership skills that we’re talking about in this series, you’ll need to follow through with us until the end so that you clearly understand the map we’re looking at.


In the next video, we’ll begin to take a deeper look at the Buddha on Leadership, and then we’ll take a deep, deep dive into the nature of being for a while. . .

Overview Of This Leadership Training Video:

  1. Internal Leadership
    1. Internal process
    2. Long term focus
    3. I/We mastery
      1. Characterized by mastery of key elements of your area of expertise
      2. Involves implementing skills and increasing capacity to take creative action
    4. Superior skills in
      1. Developing partnerships
      2. Setting agendas
      3. Influencing others
    5. Winning hearts and minds
  • Leading people
    1. External process
    2. Short term focus
    3. Involves application of competencies and skills in new ways or for the first time
    4. Includes presentation of plans to others
      1. And ground floor efforts for the people you’re offering services to
    5. Excellence around
      1. Strategy
      2. Culture
      3. Execution
    6. Integrated, inter-connected leadership
      1. External process
      2. Long term focus
      3. Brings the focus to ongoing implications of collective/group action
      4. Learning, practice and mastery come together to create an external process
      5. Quadrant where growth and effectiveness is most noticeable
      6. Brings transformation
        1. As a catalyst for dynamic change
        2. As a ripple effect creating concentric circles
        3. As a bridge over differences
      7. Excellence around group and process issues


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