[Video] Ontological Leadership Training


Welcome to our series on Ontological Leadership here at JonAnxin.com.


Over the coming weeks, we’ll give you a very deep level of (free) training on leadership, and leadership as a way of being.


Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming each week in this Leadership Training series:


  1. Leadership
  2. Main model
  3. The Buddha On Leadership
  4. The Four Foundations Of Leadership
  5. The Purpose Of The Leader
  6. Buddhist Values As A Foundation For Leadership
  7. Internal Leadership
  8. The Dhamma Of Leadership
  9. The Buddha’s 4 Watches Of The Night
  10. Return To The Forest Of The Body
  11. Energy At Cause And Effect
  12. The Four Fold Body
  13. The Four Great Energy Machines
  14. Four Elements Personality Typing
  15. The Four Elements Under Stress And Intimacy
  16. Four Elements Personality Types And Strategies
  17. Four Elements Leadership Practice


Here’s An Overview Of What’s Covered In This Video



  • Jesus at the sea of Galilea
  • “I will make you fishers of men”
  • Why did they follow him?
  • Because of everything he was at the moment he asked


  • Ecology
  • The study of consequences


  • The Tathagata
  • Pathfinder
  • The train needs tracks to be laid and obstacles removed
  • Cars need the way to be paved first


  • Leadership = Result
  • The meaning of your communication is the response you get



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