When the sun comes up – You better be RUNNING…

I get a lot of email and comments and shots across the bough on Facebook, etc. from people who have been inspired by my material, and who want to do something RADICALLY different with their lives, but for one reason or another, they offer up a million and one excuses about why THEIR situation is different than mine.

See, they think that when they give me these limp wristed “reasons why not” that I might somehow say “you know what – you’re right . . . Your situation is different and due to an unfortunate set of circumstances beyond your control you’ve been destined to a life that you must hate. . . ”


You are the eye of the great serpent coil of life, and there has to come a time when you face yourself in the mirror of truth and come to terms with that!

The Truth is, we all came from A, we’re all on a trip to Z.

It’ll last maybe 80 or 90 years and the trip can be anything you want it to be.

Like it or not . . . Ready or not . . . YOU WRITE YOUR OWN TICKET.

You control the instruments of consciousness, and it can be any kind of trip you want.

It’s GOING TO BE the trip you want.

The trip can be S-E-R-I-O-U-S, H-E-A-V-Y, S-U-F-F-E-R-I-N-G.

The trip can be competitive, active.

The trip can be quiet,

The trip can be GLORIOUS! AWESOME!

It’s what you make it.

Rookies Get Eaten Alive…
Lucky Men Run Out Of Luck… And
Only The Ego-Less, Cool-Thinking Warrior Sage Survives!

Now, it’s easy to say that from deep within Burma, after 18 years of intrepid adventuring, kidnappings, druggings, good, bad and ugly relationships, and so on.

I can see it now, more clearly than ever though. . .

When it comes to designing your own life , lots of self-centered experts get their clocks cleaned through hubris. They get cocky, or self-righteous, or just forget that there’s no rule against them losing.

Rookies are shocked when they lose and end up on the streets of Bangkok or Hong Kong or London or New York without a penny to their name, begging to just get a bus ticket out of there, to somewhere – ANYWHERE, but they aren’t necessarily surprised.

The look on a so-called “experts” face when the unthinkable happens can quickly cure you of any silly feelings about your own invincibility.

Wherever you want to go in life, you really should understand all aspects of it with as much detail as an ego-less, cool-thinking warrior sage about to enter a dark alley in a crime-soaked part of town… who wants to make damn sure he comes out alive. You don’t go in unprepared. You don’t figure on God watching your back. (He’s too busy these days.) And you don’t go in with fairy tale ideas of how the world works.

You won’t “magically” succeed in creating the life you want just because you try.

It’s not like Hollywood movies at all. Not one little bit.

Screw waiting around for something magical to happen. The sage-warrior just takes control right off the bat. And learns all about the world he lives in… so that he knows every detail, and knows it better than anyone else.

The crazy thing is, most of the goals that people have, and most of who they would SECRETELY like to be isn’t that dangerous to just go for.

What’s even worse, is that not only will most people not take a small risk for BIG PERSONAL PAYOFFS, but –

The Vast Majority Of Men Will Not Even Fight When Threatened!
They Just Curl Up Into The Foetal Position
Thinking That If They Show Life They Are Not A Threat
They’ll Eventually Be “Left Alone”

It reminds me of a fight I had late one night on the streets of Seoul, South Korea . . .

Now, as you already know – I’ve probably been in more street fights, in more parts of the world than anyone I or you have ever met . . . I’m very big (6’5″ and depending on how much I’m training between 200-300lbs.) but I’m a mellow, laid back and soft spoken guy.

You know – just the kind of person that attracts the attention of every sort of neurotic, insecure “little man” in the world.

It was late one night and I had been drinking Soju for days (I don’t drink now, and haven’t for many years, but when I did, man – I DID!)  . . .

So had everyone else I knew. In fact, as it was a Saturday night in Seoul – So had nearly everyone in the city by that point.

And then while quietly walking down the street, talking about whatever – my friend accidently clipped the shoulder of some GIGANTIC,  American GI’s. And let me tell you . . . These guys were high-strung powder kegs just waiting to explode. . .

They immediately started posturing and making the sort of ‘mouth-sounds’ and gestures that you would see in a National Geographic documentary about baboon hierarchies.

I knew I would be able to take care of myself. These guys are trained to push buttons, follow orders and pull triggers, but when it comes down to actually going toe to toe with a 300lb Urban Appalachian destruction machine – they usually can’t cut the mustard. . .

Besides – I had been kidnapped by Naxalite guerrillas in Nepal, imprisoned in mini-marts by love stricken lady boys, drugged and robbed more times than I can count and began my career as a wandering, nomadic bad ass at the age of 13.

No sweat.

But it was my friend that I was a bit worried about. . .

As long as I didn’t let any of those guys get behind me, I felt confident that I would knock them right out, one by one. But – there was no way I could cover him and myself at the same time. . .

I flashed back through nearly 30 years of memories and neurological imprints from hard learned lessons in hand to hand combat – all the way back to when I was 5 years old, riding a bike while my paternal grandfather was jogging around the state mental hospital in what was then a “bad” part of the city and 3 similar types tried to rob us . . . I gestured and whispered to my friend –

When I Give You The Go Ahead
If You Have One Ounce Of Testosterone Left
In That Systemized, Slave Mentality Mind Of Yours
You’ve Got To Immediately Charge
That Motherfucker!

No time for thinking. Not an opportunity to strategize. Do or die time. He didn’t. I did.

Listen – You already know that I’ve been living in Burma 7 years now, and nearly 20 in Asia, and that when I came here I was living, studying and training in a Buddhist Monastery – barely getting enough nutrition to survive, without a penny or a friend in the world to help me out. And I engineered it that way.

I had been living the “high life” in countries throughout Asia for 11 years. Travelling here. Training there. Having gorgeous women pursue ME to the point of exhaustion.

Because of some personal issues and admitted problems that I had, I was an emotional wreck. My nerves were on fire and I was on RED ALERT status 24 hours a day.

So I did what any sane person would have done. I got rid of all of my shit, and bugged out to the most remote and forbidding location on the planet I could find – to study dead languages like Pali and the Buddhist psychology and phenomenology of consciousness – Abhidhamma.

After I was able to easily read and translate languages like Pali, and after I had a pretty good idea from study and many, many hours of meditation on end how the human mind works, and what the “trip” from A to Z is all about, I realized that there was no longer any need for me to be walking around dressed in rags, or for me to be hungry and starving all the time, or to be drinking unsafe water or to be exposed to dengue, malaria, tuberculosis and the lot all the time.

And so, while living in that monastery, literally without a DIME to my name and with no access to my book royalties (no international banking here), and not even any Western Union locations in the entire country where I could beg someone in the West for a few bucks that I began making NEW MOVES.

Now look – I don’t want to tell the exact details of how or WHO I’m being well paid by for doing practically nothing here in the so-called Golden Triangle, because our friend Uncle Sam changes his loyalties and allegiences as often as I change crisp new $100 bills for shopping bags full of Myanmar Kyatt.

The Bottom Line Is:

I Have Once Again Proven
That I Can Quickly And Easily
Move From Starving Mendicant
And Back To The Top Again

Not only have I done it time after time, but I’ve done it in places you probably wouldn’t DARE go with all of the security in the world behind you.

Now think about it – If a hillbilly like me can Outfight, Outlead, Outhink and Outfocus any obstacle that gets thrown in his way from a position of malnutrition and poverty – what should a smart guy like YOU be able to accomplish if he really cowboyed up, and had not only the resources and experiences of being from the most wealthy and prosperous civilization in history, but also the backing, support and advice of the greatest thinkers, strategists and underdog hero’s throughout history, PLUS – the most awesome adventurer living today – ME?

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re A Gazelle Or A Lion . . .” When The Sun Comes Up – You’d Better Be Running!”

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.
It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion… or…
it will be killed.
“Every morning a lion wakes up.
It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle… or…
it will starve to death.”

I’m going to get straight to the point. I have never been one for gloom and doom type of talk. In fact, I’m a generally optimistic person. However, anybody with a shred of common sense can see – SOME BIG CHANGES ARE HAPPENING. Now more than ever, you’re going to have to take personal responsibility for the trip you’re on.

And when it happens, you’re going to have to rely on NOTHING BUT YOUR WITS AND YOUR GUTS TO SURVIVE.

But, you’ve got to be smart, secure, mobile and focused. Think of yourself as an American soldier approaching a German farm house in WWII. You don’t know whether there’s a young, horny German farm girl or a Nazi sniper inside the house. But, you’ve got condoms in your wallet and bullets in your weapon so…

You’re Ready For Whatever
Comes Out Of That House!

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that if you’re like most people, you’re probably ALREADY AT ROCK BOTTOM – YOU JUST HAVEN’T FIGURED IT OUT YET!

Everything You’ve Been Told About Life Is DEAD WRONG
And You Will Never Be Free Until You Learn The Truth . . .

You know, I used to think if I worked hard enough, remained clear-headed enough, remained disciplined enough, was clever enough, honest enough, creative enough, good-hearted enough… and… in general, did enough of everything I needed to do… that someday… I would get to a “sweet spot” where I could just kick back and enjoy life.

Me and everyone I cared about would be healthy. Financial problems would be a joke. I’d have so much money stashed away, I would be able to laugh at the money worries of lesser mortals.

I’d have the love of a good woman (maybe more than one) and an endless supply of everything great. Love. Money. Sex. Health. Fame. Friends. Adoring fans. You name it, I’d have it. I’d have it all.

I’d wake up in the morning, stretch, splash some water on my face, drink a cup of coffee, walk out on my sun deck, look out at the ocean… and… my big decision of the day would be… ‘what pleasant thing shall I do to amuse myself today?’

Well, guess what? In spite of all my successes, all my luck, all my doing everything just so… that “sweet spot”… has always managed to elude me.

Finally, as we approach the beginning of an entirely new, post-post modern era, I have managed to figure out why I can’t find that “sweet spot.” Simply put…


You’re on that treadmill.

So am I.

So is everybody else on this planet still lucky enough to be drawing breath.

Other than the grave, we don’t really have a choice. As the little tale about the gazelle and the lion pointed out…

When The Sun Comes Up, We Better Be Running!

So what? Well, here’s so what: Since we don’t have any real choice about whether or not we are going to run “the race of life,” my idea is this:

For As Long As We Can,
Let’s You And I Be
The Fastest, Strongest And
Most Ferocious Lions
In The Whole Damn Jungle!
Let’s not starve; let’s not be eaten; let’s thrive!

Slick Haired, Shiny Shoed “Self Help” Dudes, Martial Arts “Experts” Who’ve Never So Much As Busted A Grape And Their Ilk Don’t Really Want To Help You

They want to keep you in the dark (if they even know the high level truth themselves – and 99.99999% DON’T) – and keep you perpetually tied to them and perpetually PAYING THEM. It’s called the “Mushroom Strategy” of cultivation and personal development, aka –

Keep Them In The Dark
And Feed Them Shit!

That’s a simple fact. . . . I’m a simple person and I have some simple things to show to you and say to you.

You already know a lot about me. . .

That I was the first (and only) person to translate and publish Thick Black Theory outside of Chinese language.

That I did the first (and only) translation of the scriptures of the White Lotus Society (which later became the Chinese Mafia).

That I have spent years training in the Rajashthani dessert of India. With Taoist monks at famous places in China like Wudang Mountain. In Burma with little known, but highly accomplished Sayadaw’s and meditation masters.

That before I quit putting out material publicly, I released more and more awesome material on The Art Of War, Strategy, Power, etc. than any other human IN HISTORY. That I have created one of the biggest underground fan bases on the entire internet.

Wait! Stop! Halt! Go No Further!!!

Listen up. I know that the stuff that I’m about to teach you can help the average guy without direction or the means to achieve his goals and turn him into a bona-fide 21st century Jules Vern swashbuckler.

I know my material is awesome, because it works for me, and it has worked for literally thousands of other people, who constantly write to me (via email, facebook, comments, etc.) and tell me how awesome and life changing my material is.

But there’s an important point that has to be made, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW:

While I am confident that I can help the average, directionless guy to get out of his own way and achieve the things that he REALLY wants (even if he is afraid to admit those things to himself!), there is a type of person that my material absolutely WILL NOT work for.

I know this type of person well. I delt with them all of my life, until one day I realized – THESE BLOOD SUCKING LEECHES HAVE NO PLACE IN MY LIFE!

This is the kind of person who is stuck in perpetual “day dream mode”. They dream of a more awesome life.

They dream of doing more awesome things, and they dream of being a more awesome person.

In short, they:

Think about what it would be like to have freedom
Fancy telling their boss to kiss their ass as they walk out the door
Wonder what it would be like to have beautiful women chasing THEM
…And constantly IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO FINALLY BE A WINNER (and more importantly – to be a winner ON THEIR OWN TERMS!)

The sad part is, they won’t TAKE ACTION to make any of that happen. What’s even sadder is that the only thing standing between them and being even 1 INCH closer to their dreams is their own self doubt.

Look – If you’ve been on my mailing list for a while, or if you’ve been following me since back in the days when I was fighting for survival in the Rajasthani dessert of India, or living on Mt. Wudang and training Kung Fu every day, or if you’ve already read my translations like Thick Black Theory, or seen any of my training program – You already know . . . When I tell you to listen up, you should take heed.

However, there are some people, like the type of person I described above. He’s such a loser that when someone tells him that the only options are to charge or curl up and let other peoples plans kick the shit out of him, he automatically gets suspicious, or makes up any number of lame excuses about why he’s going to stay right where he is. So I want to be fair to the Bruce’s of the world . . .

Here are a couple of clues that you might want to close this browser window RIGHT NOW:

Clue #1 You have a graduate degree, or a degree beyond a bachelors degree. A “voyeur,” someone who wants to hide-out from life, can escape reality for years by going after a master’s or a doctorate

Clue #2 You have to “talk-it-over” with someone else before you can commence movement.

This could be a spouse, a partner, a banker, a lawyer, your Daddy, your Mommy or whomever. This is the kind of person who aligns himself with other non-players because he doesn’t realize…

Two Or More Sissies Can Never Equal 1-Pair Of Testicles!

Lions Starve Last In The Jungle!

Anyway, it seems to me if you and I want to survive and prosper in this “storm-of-change” we are all experiencing much less design and engineer the type of life you REALLY want, we better set about developing a “Lion Mindset.”

Not only that, if possible, we should endeavor to confine ourselves to dealing with other people who have “Lion Mindsets”.

So pay attention. In the following weeks I’m going to start leaking out some new material . . . More on that later.

Jon Anxin
Live And Large In Burma

Mastering The Four ElementsHere comes “The Columbo Maneuver” . . .

P.S. Oh, by the way…

Right F’n NOW would be a good time for you to pick up my book – Mastering The Four Elements:  A Philosophy Of Fighting, Leadership, Strategy and Meditation.

You’re going to NEED IT for the world that we’re about to start living in . . .

P.P.S. By now you’re probably thinking – about what happened to that friend who failed to take action when I told him it was time to charge, right . . . ?

Well – he got smashed up pretty badly. By the time I was able to get back over to him, his hesitation had landed him on his back, getting brutally kicked in the head.

Luckily, I was able to prevent him from getting crippled or killed, but he was never the same after that night. He started spiralling down into a dark well of self-doubt, insecurity, paranoia and the last time I saw him he was basically a pathetic shut in . . .

Just forcing himself out the door to work everyday to pay his bills, and then hiding out for the rest of his life in the safety, security and comfort of his gilded cage with his closest friend, television.


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