White Lotus Revolution

Uncover White Lotus Revolution - The First And ONLY Translation Of The Bailian Jings or Scriptures Of The White Lotus Society - Banned And Brutally Suppressed For Hundreds Of Years...


An old sample of the material inside White Lotus Revolution. . . This a scripture of the Bailian Jings called "The Dragon Lotus Sutra"

Banned for 800 years - Now available

The Original Teachings Of The White Lotus Society from China.

This material brings to light the banned teachings of the White Lotus society which explain:

  • The Ultimate Nature Of Reality
  • The Hidden History Of Religions
  • The Great Conspiracy Of History

Jon Anxin also provides full instructions for the practice of White Lotus, including the Dragon Flower Meeting.

This work has not been translated into English or outside of the Chinese language previously, and is the only source to get a high level understanding of not only White Lotus Society, but also Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism and Islam.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first and only translation of the Dragon Lotus Sutra, which was one of the main texts of the White Lotus Society.

This is the entire Bailian Fa (Law Of The White Lotus) which I have translated.

Again, to the best of my knowledge I am the only person who has translated this out of Chinese in it’s entirety, and maybe one of the only people to have an original, full text that survived the Culture Revolution.

The White Lotus Society represents one of the oldest, longest running, and most suppressed matriarchal religions in human history

The White Lotus was a religious and political movement that appealed to many Han Chinese who found solace in worship of Wusheng Laomu ("Unborn Venerable Mother"), who was to gather all her children at the millennium into one family.  The doctrine of the White Lotus included a forecast of the imminent advent of the future Buddha, Maitreya.

The first and only translation - backed up by extensive field research and deep contacts in the Chinese underworld and esoteric communities

Some of you know that I lived for some years in Yunnan province of China.

This photo was taken at Jian Chuan mountain, which is between Dali and Lijiang in Yunnan. It’s called 阿姎白 (a yang bai) and it is exactly what it looks like - A giant black stone vagina...

During my fieldwork and research to acquire a complete set of the White Lotus Sutras (they were produced over a period of hundreds of years!) I encountered many interesting relics like this from matriarchal/mother-goddess folk religion.

White Lotus Revolution will show you a side of Taoism, Buddhism and Eastern Religion and philosophy that has always been right under your nose - but you couldn't see, until today

Lao Tzu

I am different. I am nourished by the great mother.

The valley spirit never dies-it is called the mysterious female; The gate of the mysterious female is called ‘the root of heaven and earth.’ …

There was something featureless yet complete, born before heaven and earth; silent-amorphous-it stood alone and unchanging. We may regard it as the mother of heaven and earth. Not knowing its name, I called it the ‘Way.’

Lao Tzu The Tao Te Ching
William Blake

There is a Void outside of Existence, which if entered into Englobes itself & becomes a Womb

William Blake Jerusalem